1950s Atomic Dress – Love Ur Look Clothing

This is a Product Provided Post (PPP) – I have not been paid for this post, but the product featured was gifted to me. The content and opinions in this post are my own, except for excerpts taken from the Love Ur Look Clothing website.

Hello darling! Today’s blog post is brought to you by the lovely people from Love Ur Look Clothing.

I’m sure you’re aware by now that I dig the retro-futurist aesthetic. There’s something about how people in the 50s/60s envisioned the future that I just adore.

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Style. Icon.

So when Love Ur Look Clothing reached out and I checked out their website, I knew the 1950s Atomic Dress was perfect for me.

image 1

Love Ur Look Clothing are a small brand based in the UK. Not only are their designs really unique (can you see that neckline detail on the Atomic dress?!), the fabric is ethically sourced and the garments are ethically made.

Founded by Ronke Fashola, Love Ur Look Clothing have their pieces made in both the UK and India, using upcycled fabrics made entirely from discarded materials. Donations are given to their chosen charity, Tolfa, an animal hospital in India. Love Ur Look designs are a wardrobe investment that will make you look good and feel good.

image 2

The 19050s Atomic dress is a black dress with red, green and yellow circles with little brown and white atomic star accents. I love that it combines the red and green elements without looking too Christmassy and the amazing pointed neckline is what really sealed the deal for me needing this dress.

The dress itself is a very lightweight, 100% cotton fabric and I imagine it’ll be perfect to wear in the New Zealand summertime. Love Ur Look Clothing sent me an M, which aside from being a touch snug in the bust (nothing uncomfortable or unbearable), is a perfect fit.

image 4

The dress includes a fabric belt, which is perfect for getting that cinched waist look that compliments the 50s swing dress style so well. Pair with a statement colour petticoat (like red, yellow or green) for a fun, vibrant look, or a muted black with neutral make-up and accessories for something a little more office friendly.

The dress includes a zip in the back, making it easy to shimmy in and out of, and comes to 44 inches in length. The skirt is full enough to accommodate a big fluffy petticoat, but would still look cute without one, depending on if you’re a petticoat person or not.

image 5

And did I mention this dress has pockets?!? Big pockets too, I can easily fit my bulky cellphone and my keys in there.

You can buy from Love Ur Look Clothing direct, or through a number of stockists. Given the quality, uniqueness and ethical feel-good factor about Love Ur Look, I’m sure this won’t be the last piece of theirs in my collection.

You can find Love Ur Look Clothing at the following locations:

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So what do you think of this dress? Do you have any experiences with ethical clothing brands or have any questions about this dress? Comment below or message me on social media!

Lots of love,
Mrs Greatnews x


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