Auto August – Clothing Challenge!

Hello lovely! Hope you had a faaaabulous weekend!

Do you ever wake up in the morning totally overwhelmed by the idea of getting dressed? I know I do. My wardrobe is ridiculously overstuffed, and I often reach for the same items over and over and over again (hello Vixen by Micheline Pitt cigarette pants, ILY).


Like actually tho

Well, do I have the challenge for you!

Welcome to Auto August!

Image result for bingo ball gif

Random numbers, away!

Wait what, what’s Auto August?

Auto August is a thing I just made up! You place the decision of what you’re going to wear today in the hands of a random number generator. We’re kicking off with this on the first of August and it’ll go for the whole month (except for a couple of days where I’ll be off to the snow and my usual wardrobe won’t be super practical).

Image result for cher wardrobe gif

Pictured – how I wish my wardrobe was organised

How do I participate?

The easiest way is to itemise your wardrobe (Google Sheets or Excel is your best friend), assign them unique numbers and use a random number generator to pick your outfit. There’s also a few phone apps out there that will pick your outfits for you, like ClosetSpace, Smart Closet, Your Closet, Combyne and many more.

How I’m doing it is itemising every dress, top, pair of pants and skirt and putting them all into a spreadsheet into a few different categories (dress, statement tops, statement bottoms, plain tops, plain bottoms, weekend appropriate).

Each item of clothing is assigned a unique number and a small descriptor. The husband is building a wee programme to pick something from the dress, statement or plain categories.

auto august programme

This is a screen from the programme Mr Greatnews built me – isn’t he amazing?

If it’s a separate, I then use the programme again to find what else I’m wearing with it. Any cardigans, outerwear and accessories will be picked by me because otherwise we might be here asking the programme to pick my outfits basically all day.

If you’re keen to join, I’m kicking this off on 1 August! Join in on the fun with me and use the hashtag #autoaugust on Instagram so I can find you and your fabulous automated outfits. I’ll be sharing some of my faves on my stories, so please come join in so I’m not alone!

Happy Auto August lovelies, can’t wait to see the random number goddesses smile down upon you!

Lots of love,
Mrs Greatnews x


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