Custom made tropical sarong dress – Cry Cry Cry Clothing

This post was not paid for or sponsored in any way. It contains my real opinions and experiences with Cry Cry Cry Clothing.

With our trip to America coming up, I knew I wanted to get a couple of custom pieces made. Something light and summery to deal with the LA and Vegas heat. So I approached Fran from Cry Cry Cry Clothing who has done some amazing custom outfits for people I know, including Fran Robertson and Miss Flossypots. I’ve also worked with Fran before, so I had no qualms entrusting her with my vague visions of summery clothing.

Full length

I gave Fran an idea of what I wanted back in January and then we went to Spotlight and the Fabric Warehouse to pick out fabric together. In complete honesty, I wasn’t planning on getting a sarong dress made until I fell in love with this fabric and had to have it in an outfit on its own.

Full length - back.jpg

Both of my custom pieces took about five weeks all up, and even then, they only took that long because we had to delay the fitting and picking up the finished product a couple of times due to external circumstances.

About Cry Cry Cry Clothing

You may be familiar with Fran’s work if you remember Swonderful! Swonderful was a brand run by Fran and her daughter Ginny. Fran’s continuing the retro inspired aesthetic through Cry Cry Cry Clothing with cute separates and gorgeous dresses.

You can purchase ready-made through the Cry Cry Cry website or get in touch with Fran via her website or Facebook/Instagram to get something custom made.

On getting things custom made

I’ve had a few pieces custom made now, and there are three main things I love about it.

1) The piece will be unique

Full length sitting.jpg

Even though Fran has added a sarong dress to her line, my dress is unique in both the fabric choice and the strap design. I love that this piece is truly mine.

2) The fit is incredible

25 March selection 2

My body type is a little on the in-between side when it comes to off-the-rack clothing. The majority of my clothes fit okay, but they’re usually about an inch or so off in fitting perfectly in certain places.

3) You can really showcase your personality and preferences through your clothes

Full length 2

As I’ve gotten more into the vintage-inspired side of fashion, I’ve discovered I’m very particular. When it comes to tropical clothes, I’m not really a fan of tiki inspired designs. I like my florals vibrant. I like my wiggles to hug in in certain places and go down to a very particular length on my knee. The great thing about custom clothing is that you can have all of these sorts of personal preferences come together in the one outfit.

Full length sitting 2.jpg

Outfit details:
Dress – Cry Cry Cry Clothing
Hair flower – Lady Luck’s Boutique
Bangles – Splendette and vintage
Handbag – Pinup Girl Clothing
Lipstick – Wild Orchid by Besame Cosmetics

I have one more custom Cry Cry Cry Clothing outfit to share with you, but I’ll save that for another week. So what do you think? Have you had any outfits custom made? What dressmakers can you recommend?

Lots of love,
Mrs Greatnews x

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