The rather belated Miss Pinup New Zealand 2017 outfit round up

Hello darling and welcome back to the blog! As you may have heard, I competed in my first pageant last year – Miss Pinup New Zealand 2017 in association with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum! Let’s get into the details of what I wore and where I got them from, because hey, better 113 days late than never, right?


The biggest goal for me of all my outfits is that I wanted them to make me smile. I wanted to get excited about wearing each and every one of them, so to kick off the daywear section, I wanted to base my outfit around these beautiful shoes from Shoe Bakery:


Do you really have too many shoes if you don’t have shoes that look like cake?

So I took that image of those shoes to the fabulously talented Honey L’Amour along with some Pinspiration, and voila, we have my daywear outfit!


Photo by the talented Elizabeth J Photography

I’m a little sad I didn’t get any pictures of it, but the back of the dress has beautiful pink chiffon draping down the back.

Elements of the outfit:
Dress – Custom made by Honey L’Amour
Shoes – Shoe Bakery
Petticoats – Raspberry Samantha Petticoat by Malco Modes
Handbag – AliExpress
Bangles – Mix of Splendette and Bow and Crossbones
Stockings – Pink seamed stockings by What Katie Did
Hair piece – Custom made by Fran Robertson – Decorator of People and Things


Another element I wanted to bring to my Miss Pinup New Zealand outfits was the fact that I’m a huge dork. You know who else swims other than humans? Mermaids!


Photo by the amazing Elizabeth J Photography

I’m not gonna lie, I was really nervous for this section. I’m not a swimming kinda gal and I’m very self-conscious about my body, particularly my thighs. Large thighs run in my family (hey ladies of the family, shout-out to us and our big thighs, woo!), but hey, the swimwear section is mandatory, so I figured I’d go out in something fun that I loved wearing.

I customised both the top and the bottom of this swimsuit – the top I sewed new straps for because the straps that came with it were ridiculously small and wouldn’t hold my chest in the place I wanted it and the bottoms I added the bows and the little purple frills to give the idea of fins. I also brought a dinglehopper out onto the stage to brush my hair, because as I mentioned earlier, I am a huge dork.

And can we talk about the custom hair piece Fran made for me? She even made a tiny little Mrs Greatnews mermaid to go on it!

Elements of the outfit:
Top – Hot Topic with modifications by me (exact style I bought is no longer available)
Bottoms – Alicia Zenobia on Etsy with additions by me
Shoes – Pastel Dream Shoes, custom made on a smaller heel
Handbag – Collectif from Bleu Foxxx Shop
Bangles – Splendette
Hair piece – Custom made by Fran Robertson – Decorator of People and Things


So for anyone who doesn’t know, I used to work in radio and busting out my commercial radio voice is an old party trick of mine. I decided for my talent to do an agony aunt style radio show with common pinup problems, with all of the elements pre-recorded except for my parts which I would do live on the day.

Getting the timing right nearly made me tear my hair out, let me tell you that right now. But we’re talking about the outfit, not the talent, so let’s get into that!


Photo by the best husband I could ever ask for, Mr Greatnews

Elements of the outfit
Dress – Deadly Dames (bought from a Facebook buy/swap/sell group)
Bangles – Mix of Splendette and Bow and Crossbones
Hair flower – Custom made by Fran Robertson – Decorator of People and Things
Stockings – Black seamed stockings by What Katie Did
Shoes – b.a.i.t. Footwear


This was probably the hardest category for me. I don’t have a lot of fancy eveningwear style outfits and I struggle with the line between way underdressed and wayyyyyy overdressed. So this is what I ended up with:


Photo by the incomparable Elizabeth J Photography

Elements of the outfit:
Dress – Vintage from Nouveau 2 You on Etsy
Gloves – Vintage from A Glimpse of Stocking on Etsy
Shoes – Vintage from Birthday Life Vintage on Etsy
Purse, necklace and hair piece – vintage and borrowed from Fran Robertson
Hoop skirt – CurvyCouture by Judy Dee

I wanted the majority of my eveningwear to be vintage as I’m not really much of a vintage girl. I struggle to find things that are reasonably priced in my size and I tend to prefer screamingly bright colours, so I wanted to prove that I could put together a glamorous vintage look for at least one of the outfits for the pageant.

And those were my looks from Miss Pinup New Zealand 2017! I’m so grateful to have taken the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand 2017 runner up and I can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring to the competition.

I want to thank Honey L’Amour for her incredible work, Fran Robertson for her amazing pieces that she made for me and let me borrow (and also for the hours of whining and fretting she put up with), Velvet DeColette for being the best pageant buddy that a girl could ask for, Miss Monique Sweet for her pageant coaching, Ruth, Sheena and the rest of the Very Vintage Day Out team for all of their hard work in bringing it all together and Mr Greatnews for putting up with my endless questions and ever increasing wardrobe for this one event.

So what do you think? Which of my outfits were your favourite? Do you have any questions you’d like to ask me about Miss Pinup New Zealand or the Very Vintage Day Out? Sound off in the comments!

Lots of love,
Mrs Greatnews x


One thought on “The rather belated Miss Pinup New Zealand 2017 outfit round up

  1. The Eyre Effect says:

    All of this looks simultaneously fun and terrifying! I’ve always thought about joining a pinup competition, but oh goodness. The talent portion would have me shaking so hard! I LOVE your swimsuit, though, and I think you looked fab! I’m also a member of the thick thighs club; I’m still learning to love mine too! I love the details you added.

    And those HEELS! So fantastic!



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