Pin Styling 101 with OhYouFox + giveaway!

This is a Product Provided Post (PPP) – I have not been paid for this post, but some of the products featured were gifted to me. The content and opinions in this post are my own, except for excerpts taken from the OhYouFox website and social channels.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, enamel pins have come back in a big way. Just search ‘pin’ on Etsy, and you’ll get hundreds, if not thousands of listings for pins covering any and all interests, making it easy to portray your personality through pins!

I’ve teamed up with my incredible friend Vix, who runs the company OhYouFox, to bring you a quick blog all about pins. How I style them, how you can style them and more importantly, how you can win one of three fabulous OhYouFox pin sets! Stay tuned to the end of the post to find out how.

All About OhYouFox


The designer herself, and god-damn is she a babe!

I’ve been lucky enough to know Vix since we were 14, but we reconnected in a big way a few years ago through Twitter (isn’t social media grand?). Though she has left me for the land of Melbourne, Australia, we still keep in touch, and as soon as I saw her latest pins, I knew we had to work together.


Hello Beautiful humans (& cats)!

I’m Victoria, a 20-something designer and illustrator originally from windy Wellington (New Zealand). I now live in Melbourne (Australia) and I love it!

By day I’m a social media manager, by night I make things! You can usually find me doodling cute creatures, tweeting or chatting up a storm. My current obsessions are cats, the lewd and crude and badass women.

So let’s get into some pin styling!

What do you wear pins on?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this – you can wear your pins on anything and everything! Add them to bags and satchels for a bit of sass and decoration, or pin them to your top or jacket to add an extra pop of colour or focal point.

I personally prefer to wear them on heavier fabrics, like capes or moto style jackets. I find when you wear more than one pin on lightweight items (like cardigans) then they can weigh the fabric down and cause the pins to clang against one another.

Style 1 – the focus

This is where you want the pin to be the focal point. Whether it’s making a statement or you just think it’s hella cute. All the pins featured in this style are part of the giveaway by the way!

Style 2 – the theme

Why not pair or group pins together based on colours and themes? Take a look at some combos I threw together below.

Themed 4

The theme – ASCII/emojis – featuring ‘Shrug’, ‘Table Flip Emoji’ and ‘Bear Emoji’

Themed 2

The theme – Admit None. Seriously. – featuring ‘Admit None blue’, ‘Admit None pink’ and ‘Admit None purple’.


Style 3 – the collector

This style is for people with tonnes of pins who aren’t afraid of wearing them. All at once. How to style? Just cover every available piece of fabric with a pin and you’re good to go.

Giveaway time!

Pin giveaway.png

The pins up for grabs – ‘Admit None pink’, ‘Cutie Pie Black Cat’ and ‘Resting Babe Face’

Vix from OhYouFox has so kindly given me three prize packs to give to you! So how do you enter?

  1. Be following Mrs Greatnews and OhYouFox on the social channel of your choice
  2. Like the social post featuring this blog and comment/reply with which OhYouFox pin is your favourite
  3. Share/retweet the post for an extra entry!

And that’s it! You can enter on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – but if you win one prize that makes you ineligible to win on another channel. I’ve got some ts and cs over here if you’d like to take a squiz.

You can find the competition posts at the links below (still to be posted, will be updated soon):


So tell me in the comments – what’s your favourite OhYouFox design and why?

Lots of love,
Mrs Greatnews xx


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