How I Proposed to Mr Greatnews

Mr Greatnews and I have been together for over ten years and married for just over a year. About two weeks ago, this Facebook memory popped up on my feed, reminding me that we had gotten engaged three years ago.

Engagement photo

So this is the story of how I proposed to the love of my life.

A few years ago I decided that it was about time for Haydn and I to walk down the aisle as husband and wife. But I’m not the kind of lady to wait around for things to happen, so I decided to take the next relationship status update into my own hands. I told a few friends, my parents and Haydn’s parents in the end, the latter of which I asked their blessing for. They were taken aback, but gave their full support for this.

I’m a hopeless romantic, so I racked my brains for the best way to propose that would incorporate either elements of our relationship or parts of Haydn that he would appreciate. Thoughts of putting together a video incorporating Haydn’s friends and family or maybe even celebrities he admired sprang to mind. But the issue with trying to orchestrate something like that is the time and effort involved is akin to herding cats and makes it much more difficult to keep the secret.

The next plan was to propose where we first kissed back in our home town, but the timing wouldn’t work out to head back to Napier. So finally I decided to take Haydn to his favourite spot in Wellington – the spot overlooking Wellington by the Wellington Cable Car at sunset.

Image result for wellington cable car lookout

The view from the lookout. Photo from Trip Advisor.

I picked up a ring from The Village Goldsmith in about April and sat on this secret until end of June, when the weather was nice enough so that I wasn’t proposing in the pouring rain or horrible winds of Wellington winter.

The day came and we had brunch with Haydn’s brother in the morning. I figured it was silly to go back home when we were already out and about, and so I started to stall Haydn in Kelburn from 11am until 5pm, which turned out to be far more difficult than I thought.

We wandered around the gardens, grabbed some lunch, wandered around the gardens some more, went to the planetarium, wandered around the gardens again… More than once, Haydn asked me if I was ready to head home. I could tell he was getting suspicious, but I don’t think he knew what was going on.

Finally, the sun began to set and I ferried him to the lookout. I sent a text to one of our friends and then started my proposal.

I reached into my bag and hand Haydn a custom View-Master from Image 3D I had made up with photos from our relationship. The final slide read, “Haydn… will you marry me?”

I remember my hands shaking and growing sweaty, taking deep and quick breaths as my heart pounded in the eternity that was in reality just a few seconds as Haydn clicked through the slides in the View-Master. Before I knew it, he looked up and looked me in the eyes with the softest, most tender expression on his face I’ve ever seen and said “Oh honey, of course I’ll marry you.”

In the anticipation of him finishing the View-Master, I forgot I was supposed to have the ring ready to put on his finger! I suddenly was snapped back to reality and fumbled through my bag, presenting him with the ring I got him inside of a Companion Cube box (a Portal reference). He was so surprised and taken aback by the whole thing. He definitely knew something was up with me, but had no idea I was going to propose.

The final surprise was when I looked beyond Haydn and waved at a friend of ours who was hiding and took pictures of the whole proposal! Please enjoy a selection of those pictures below.

Blog photo 1


Blog photo 2

It begins…

Blog photo 3.jpg

BLog photo 4

He said yes!

Blog photo 5.jpg

Celebratory kiss!

Blog 6.jpg

Putting the ring on

Blog photo 7.jpg

Surprise! We were being photographed the whole time!

I still maintain that asking Haydn to be my boyfriend and then asking him to marry me are two of the best decisions I ever made. ❀

What would be your dream proposal? If you’re engaged, how did your proposal happen?

Lots of love,
Mrs (& Mr) Greatnews xx

Blog photo 8.jpg


13 thoughts on “How I Proposed to Mr Greatnews

  1. viennadehavilland says:

    Our engagement wasn’t a surprise — we’d talked about getting married, and picked out a ring together (mostly because I am extremely picky about my jewellery). He held on to the ring and I left the timing of the proposal/engagement up to him.

    The night we met, I was performing stand-up comedy and a friend of mine was over from Australia. Josh was a comedian as well, and a couple of weeks after we bought the ring that same friend was coming back, and Josh was performing. I have an absolute horror of public proposals (for me — some people are super into them, and good for them — but I would say no on principle if someone did it to me!) and Josh kept threatening to propose in the middle of his comedy performance, really winding me up about it.

    Anyway, the night before he was performing, we were in bed, about to fall asleep, and he rolled over with the ring box in his hand and just… placed it on my forehead.

    We’d only been together three months when we got engaged. It was an objectively terrible decision that worked out for us — we’ve been together over five years and married three and a half πŸ™‚

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  2. Ruth Victoria Frances says:

    This proposal is adorable! Good on you Libby πŸ™‚
    I had been bugging Josh to propose for a good 6 months (I’d move back to NZ from England to be with him, we’d been together 4 years doing long distance for one of those) but he said if I proposed he’d say no, cos he wanted to do it.
    It was 13th Feb, the day Deadpool came out at the movies. We went to gold class to see it as we were both so excited, we got the date night package and I gorged on delicious food. We were walking back through Aotea Square, I felt like a whale and was walking quickly to get home. Josh was walking slightly behind me and said “Ew there’s a bug on you!” to which I freaked out and turned around to Josh holding the ring I wanted! There was no bug.
    Of course, I said yes and we both ran home to have a glass of bubbles and call our families. My mum panicked that I was calling her early in the morning before she left for work (time difference) but I wanted to make sure I told her first. It was all very “him” and totally perfect. 195 days until we’re married, 15 days after our 6 year anniversary.

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  3. Nicole says:

    Beyond adorable πŸ™‚

    I knew Stuart was planning to propose (we had been together 5 years so the family pressures were pretty high) but I just didn’t know when. I got super suspkcious when he was trying to plan a holiday but didn’t want me to know where we were going and wanted to plan it all himself.

    We ended up in Kiruna, Sweden where we were supposed to go on a northern lights tour (it was cancelled due to terrible weather). On valentines day we got up super early and took a private husky tour through the wilderness of Sweden. We ended up on a frozen lake in the middle of nowhere which was incredibly beatutiful. We were miles and miles from civilsation and it was the kind of winter wilderness you only see in postcards – the only other person around was our tour guide (and about 20 huskies!) Who mysteriously disappeared into a log cabin to make lunch whilst we were on the lake.
    Stuart then got down on one knee in the snow and proposed. And i then of course bawled my eyes out.
    It was perfect – just us in the middle of nowhere. 😍

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  4. Camille says:

    I had been down in Wanaka for a week teaching my son how to ski for the very first time. Lawrence hadn’t been able to come for this particular trip and I arrived home on the Friday and I opened the door with my son to a clean house (the house is never clean), there was a trail of red and white rose petals going from the front door to the bedroom where he was already waiting for me down on one knee with a ring in his hand.
    He made a speech about not wanting to wait any longer to be my husband but I barely let him say anything, I was to excited and had to mush my face into his immediately.
    I really wish I had savoured the moment and listened to his speech, he won’t tell me it again since I was to impatient in the moment. He had also got us a really nice bottle of Chrystal, we waited until the next weekend to drink it by the lake with a picnic.
    It may not be everyone’s vision of romantic but it was totally perfect for us.

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    • mrsgreatnews says:

      Oh wow Camille, this story is incredible! What a romantic proposal! And I would have been totally the same in that situation, I don’t blame you for interrupting him! πŸ˜‚


  5. says:

    Awwwwww!!!! You are too cute!

    My husband proposed to me on our 6 years anniversary. We got married almost a year ago and had a fifties themed wedding!


  6. Miss Rachel Kathleen says:

    I absolutely got my dream proposal.

    It was on New Year’s Eve, on a gondola in magical Venice! It couldn’t have been more perfect. Venice was THE place I’d wanted to go since I was little, and I’ve always loved the celebrations of New Year.

    We’d been together over seven years and I still wasn’t expecting it!


  7. Cacti and Coffee says:

    Women getting it done! Love your story.

    Mine….mine is VERY different. We’d talked about getting married. One day while waiting for the doctors I was browsing the jewellery shop next door and saw a ring I liked. I jokingly texted Chris, went to my appointment, came home. At the time I was a teacher and a student of mine had scabies and whooping cough so I had to go get treatment for it too, just in case.

    Got home all grossed out and asked Chris to help me slather scabies cream all over me. He takes that opportunity to pull the box out all nonchalant and says “I got you a present”. Turns out he’d gone down and bought it while i was at the Doc. I don’t think he even asked me to marry him πŸ˜‚ just gave me the ring and kept rubbing the cream in.

    We got married about 6 months later in about pizza parlour with 15 friends and family. In a way the ‘proposal’ was kinda perfect – at least I know he loves me even if I have scabies!


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