Mrs Greatnews Reviews – The Vamp Stamp

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Being a pinup and mastering a cats-eye flick/winged eyeliner go hand in hand. Don’t believe me? Search #pinupmakeup on Instagram and you’ll see what I mean.

But the cats-eye flick is the bane of some people’s existence – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told by people that they have no idea how I manage to pull off a cats-eye everyday. The answer being, I’ve been doing cats-eye flicks for my eyeliner for roughly ten years. Admittedly they’ve only been approaching “good” or even “halfway-decent” over the last couple of years, but I chalk that down to more practise, a better understanding of my face and decent eyeliner applicators.

So that brings us to The Vamp Stamp.

The Vamp Stamp is a cats-eye eyeliner stamp meant to streamline the eyeliner process. Dip the stamp in the ink, apply to your face and voila, perfect cats-eye eyeliner every time. First up, details about cost and where I purchased it from.

Vamp stamp items.png

I purchased the large Vamp Stamp from Cult Beauty along with the VINK eyeliner ink and the VERGE angle brush. The stamp was £22.50 and the brush + eyeliner set was £18.00, bringing my total to £40.50 (approx. $70NZD). Cult Beauty gives you free shipping to NZ over £50.00, so I added a couple of other goodies I had been eyeing up for a while. The shipping was tracked and they sent it on 5 June, with it arriving on 15 June. You can also purchase it from the Vamp Stamp website and ship it through NZ Post’s YouShop service, or from select NZ retailers.

So let’s try it!

Photo 1 resized

Side note – I feel very naked without eyeliner or lashes on.

Part 1 – Using the stamp

Right side first:

Photo 2 resized

If you have the VINK, you ink the stamp by pushing it into the sponge in the eyeliner tub. If you don’t, you can simply use your favourite liquid eyeliner.

Photo 3 resized

Apply to your eye. I like to angle my wing towards the end of my eyebrows.

Photo 4 resized

Application is a little messy, but we can clean that up in a second.

Now the left side.

Photo 5 resizes

I’m looking into a mirror off screen.

Photo 6 resized

Application is still a little messy, so let’s see how the next step goes.

Part 2 – completing the eyeliner and fixing the application

Photo 7 resized

To do this, I’ll be using the VINK and VERGE brush.

Photo 8 resized

I’m going to be completely honest – I’m not a fan of the brush or the VINK. The VINK is fine for the stamp, but trying to use a brush with it is like pulling teeth.

Photo 9 resized

Not entirely sure why I look so forlorn. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Photo 10 resized

Eyeliner is done!

Photo 11 resized

A better look with slightly closed eyes.

And voila, add eyelashes and I’m ready for the day!

All done

Final thoughts – would I recommend it?

Yes, but…

But what?

This tool is of little use to anyone who’s used to doing a cats-eye. Between stamping it and cleaning up the application, it took me longer to use the Vamp Stamp, VINK and Verge brush than it would take me just to use liquid eyeliner. The VERGE brush doesn’t pick up anywhere near enough eyeliner for my liking from the VINK, making the process a little frustrating. Unless I practise with it more, I can’t even see myself using it when I’m in a hurry.

The other downside I can see to it is that even though it’s a fairly similar shape to the eyeliner I do on a regular basis, it won’t work for everyone. Cats-eye techniques become very individual depending on your eye shape, face shape and personal preferences.

But? Where’s the but?

BUT! With all that said, I can definitely see some upsides to this tool even if I probably won’t use it again. I can see it would work great for beginners or for people who have struggled in the past doing cats-eye eyeliner. A lot of the supposed “shortcuts” to the perfect cats-eye eyeliner often rely on you knowing mostly what to do, just helping you do it faster. Plus this tool could be great for people who have unsteady or weaker hands who still want to pull off the look.

And that’s my thoughts on the Vamp Stamp! Have you tried it? Do you have any winged eyeliner tricks you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,
Mrs Greatnews xx


4 thoughts on “Mrs Greatnews Reviews – The Vamp Stamp

  1. Rach says:

    Great review. Would you consider finding a willing hooded-eye friend and experimenting with it on them. Those is us with hooded eyes are often the ones who struggle most with wings, so it would be interesting to see how this works in that situation.


  2. Caitlin K. says:

    I totally agree with the clean up and time it takes. I bought the Vamp Stamp when it first came out but was pretty disappointed with the results. I used a lot of qtips and makeup remover just to get the point perfect. Not what I was expecting at all especially with all of the positive reviews. Thank you for finally posting an honest one 🙂


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