What’s in a Pinup Name? (Or How to Pick a Pinup Name Part 2, featuring NZ Pinups)

And we’re back with more pinups discussing how they came to choose their pinups names. Or decide to not go with a name at all! Today we’re hearing from Miss Mabel May, Miss Jessica Mae and Kaye Clyne (owner of Kabella Baby).

First up, Miss Mabel May!

What inspired your pinup name?

Family has always been important to me and so I played around with some of the names of my relatives. Both came from my Great-Grandmothers on my Mother’s side. I always remember admiring the many photographs of these incredible women in their beautiful clothes and thought that this would be a nice way to pay homage to them and their lives.

How did the name choosing process go for you?

It was a struggle. I wanted something unique and personal, whilst remaining elegant. I originally wanted to include my own name (Jess) somehow. However, I just happened to be fortunate to have a wonderful name combination in my family that worked so well together and it was one that I immediately fell in love with.

What advice would you give for pinups looking to choose a pinup name for themselves?

Don’t rush the process, research as much as you can into names that are already in use and find a name that means something to you.

Miss Jessica Mae

What inspired your pinup name?

My pinup is very simple, but it does have meaning for me. My middle name is Mae and I was born in May. My family have always called me Jessica Mae or Miss Jessica Mae.

How did the name choosing process go for you?

It was pretty easy for me. I did think about using Miss Mae, but I liked Miss Jessica Mae better.

What advice would you give for pinups looking to choose a pinup name for themselves?

I would Google names first so you don’t copy someone or have it be too similar to anyone else’s pinup name. Go for something that feels unique to you. Maybe it’s a nickname or part of your style, whether it’s more rockabilly or cosplay. Just be yourself and have fun with it.

And finally, Kaye Clyne, owner of Kabella Baby!

So you don’t use a pinup name – how come?

I’ve never found one that I like and that would sit well with me.

Did you ever use a pinup name? What was it?

No – although I have thought about Lady Kabella (referencing my shop) and friends have suggested Miss Drinkerbell, referencing the fact that I like a drink and love anything Tinkerbell.

Do you think your pinup experience would be different with a pinup name?

No, I’ve made myself the face of the business, so throwing another name in would confuse people.

What advice do you have for those who want to pick their own pinup name?

Choose a name that says something about you, or has meaning for you. Make sure it flows when you say it and make sure its unique to you; The Pinup Registry is good for NZ or Aussie pinups to check that you haven’t copied someone else.

What advice do you have for those thinking a pinup name isn’t for them?

Go with what you are comfortable with, you don’t need to have a pinup name and don’t let people tell you that you need one, you don’t. I know of several pinups that wish they hadn’t got a pinup name and used their own name instead, so do what you want.

So what are the main takeaways of picking a pinup name?

  1. You absolutely do not need a pinup name – just like you don’t need a blog, nor do you need to dress pinup full-time to be considered a pinup. If you can’t find a name that fits, it’s okay to just not use one
  2. If you do want a pinup name, test out lots of different names before settling on one – try incorporating your own name into it somehow to make it a more natural fit
  3. If you’re looking for inspiration, look to your family or your interests – it’s easier to pick a totally unique name if you base it on your own life
  4. If you don’t like your name, you can always change it
  5. Use Google to see if the name you’re thinking about is already taken – there are sources like The Pinup Registry that simplify things, but search blogs and Instagram too in case they’re not registered
  6. You don’t need to add a ‘Miss’!

And here are some of my own dos and don’ts:

  • Be careful of trying to incorporate puns and wordplay – it’s a common naming technique in drag, burlesque and roller derby (and other similar hobbies/activities), so your pun might be taken already
  • Be careful of incorporating the colour red – Red, Rouge, Scarlet and other variations are fairly common already
  • I would steer away from referencing classic pinups unless you’re sure you have a new twist on it
  • Do take your time – you don’t have to pick a name as soon as you throw on your first pinup dress, it can be a process that takes as long as it needs to
  • If you do pick a name, it should give people an idea of who you are and what your style is – are you cutesy? Glam? Sexy? Kitschy?
  • But most of all, there are no rules (other than don’t copy someone else) – and you don’t need a pinup name!

That’s all for this week – how do you feel about pinup names? If you could pick one for yourself or could pick an all new one, what would you pick?

Lots of love,
Mrs Greatnews xx


One thought on “What’s in a Pinup Name? (Or How to Pick a Pinup Name Part 2, featuring NZ Pinups)

  1. Miss Rachel Kathleen says:

    It took a while for me to settle on ‘Miss Rachel Kathleen’ which is just simply my name. I went by ‘Petals and Petticoats’ before, because I originally thought up a name for my blog (my blog came first, then an Instagram account for my looks and OOTD’s) but it just wasn’t catchy or memorable. I changed it to a ‘Miss’ name so that it was more memorable with followers and fitted convention more so I could gain traction. My Instagram wasn’t picking up many followers at all with ‘Petals and Petticoats’, but since changing the name, it’s growing rather quickly now. It did take me a while to come to liking being a ‘Miss’ pin-up blogger because I didn’t feel comfortable having an ‘alter ego’, when, like someone has said in your blog, this is me all the time! But it’s actually just my name, so it’s not an alter ago at all!


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