What’s in a Pinup Name? (Or How to Pick a Pinup Name Part 1, featuring NZ Pinups)

When you’re just getting into the pinup scene, it can all be a little overwhelming. Dresses, accessories, hair, makeup… And now you have to pick a stage/Instagram name? Well, not necessarily. I’ve spoken to a few New Zealand honeys who use pinup names and some who don’t, and here’s what they had to say about pinup names. Part two will follow later this week.

The lovely ladies featuring in today’s blog are Miss Foxy Locks, Xamia Arc, Fran Robertson and Ms Cherry Von Sprinkles. Go show them some love. ❤

First up, Miss Foxy Locks.

What inspired your pinup name?

The oh so adorable little red fox which I have always had quite a fondness for and of course my long auburn hair.

How did the name choosing process go for you?

You know how they say you should pay attention to signs the universe sends you right? Well it was around June/July 2015 that the cute little critters starting popping up everywhere I looked, on Facebook, TV, magazines and so on. At the time I was also assisting a local burlesque troupe with a few shows and being dress in my pinup pretties whilst helping a few of the burlesque babes told me “you’re looking very foxy tonight!” or “your hair is so foxy!” Those wonderful compliments really resonated with me and without too much effort I came up with Miss Foxy Locks and it just clicked. The words vixen and vintage were thrown in the mix but I preferred something that was simple and really true to me.

What advice would you give for pinups looking to choose a pinup name for themselves?

I would say choose something that has personal meaning for you, it’s not often we get to choose our names so make it one you truly love. Get brainstorming on themes and subjects you are drawn to, something about yourself you love, whether that be something physical or a personality trait.

A fun idea is to get your friends involved, have a get-together where you can share your ideas and see what they think – they do know you best and they could come up with something that is quintessentially you and absolutely perfect!

Next up, Xamia Arc!

What inspired your pinup name?

To be honest I have no idea where the first part came from. I needed a new Neopets account name around age 11(?) and somehow Xamia popped into my head. I went as Xamia online for several years, but when I was 16 I knew I needed to expand it. The ‘Arc’ part comes from a shortening of the word Arcane. I am a bit odd and interested in the mysterious, but ‘Arcane’ felt like too much. I am really into the suprematism art style and it was a huge inspiration for the art I was doing at the time. An arc is such a beautiful shape and word so it just felt like a nice fit.

How did the name choosing process go for you?

I was always just Xamia Arc online, when I heard about ‘pinup names’ I wanted to try one out for myself. I think I toyed with the idea of trying to make myself a ‘Miss’ something but I just couldn’t. I’m not a fan of honorifics in my day to day life and I didn’t want to force myself into identifying as something I didn’t like. One day I just said ‘fuck it’ and Xamia Arc became my pinup name.

I did have a bit of a spin off account for my makeup at one point which I went by Arc Lark on. In the end that just didn’t fit me as much. I’ve also considered Xarcane for my film work, but I feel it’s also just not quite right.

What advice would you give for pinups looking to choose a pinup name for themselves?

Go with something that feels you, aren’t comfortable staring with ‘Miss’? Then just don’t, there’s no rule that says you must. Everyone likes cherries and rouge but what makes you, you? My name just came from my online moniker I used, so if you already have something like that try using it. Your name should feel so right you never have doubts about it.

Ms Cherry von Sprinkles

What inspired your pinup name?

I had just separated from my husband and was feeling quite down. I wanted to get rid of my old name and any memories of my time with him. I wanted something fun and cheerful.

How did the name choosing process go for you?

I used an online generator. You put a bunch of keywords in and it mashed them all together to make a name. There were probably 40 odd results before I found the one I went for!

What advice would you give for pinups looking to choose a pinup name for themselves?

I’ve gone by a few names – I always took inspiration from musicians or characters from
movies/books. Throw potential names around to friends and family to see which one they like the best.

And finally, today’s representative of not-using-a-pinup-name, Miss Pinup 2016 herself, Fran Robertson!

So you don’t use a pinup name – how come?

I never felt that I needed one. I am this person 100% of the time – this is who I am, and how I dress, and how I interact with the people around me all the time, so why would I use any name other than my own?

I’ve been operating as a business person for almost 10 years under my own name, so it just seemed superfluous to have a ‘stage’ name as well as the public profile I’ve built as ‘Fran Robertson – Decorator of People and Things’, especially since I am neither a model or a performer, or a spy, or anything that would require me to have a secret alter-ego.

Did you ever use a pinup name?

There was one time that I was quoted in a magazine as ‘Miss Frantasy Island’ when somebody misinterpreted my Instagram handle as being my pinup name, instead of just a silly joke with my name in it…?

Do you think your pinup experience would be different with a pinup name?

I know it’s very different for everyone, but I feel that by using my name there’s less separation between my friends and my followers, and the people who I interact with on social media feel like they have more of a connection to me as a person. This can be great – it’s much easier to talk to someone when you can call them by name and know that’s their name, so it’s not so much of a barrier. People are less shy because I’m not a character, I’m a person – but it can also blur boundaries in a less-than- fabulous way. I get a lot of weird requests and messages from strangers on my personal facebook page as well as my public one because obviously people know my name!

What advice do you have for those who want to pick their own pinup name?

Choose something that feels like you, not something that feels ‘pinup enough’. Be different. You don’t have to be ‘Miss ______’, there doesn’t need to be flowers in it, and it doesn’t need to be cutesy, unless that’s what you feel represents you best.

Check out things like The Pinup Registry for an idea of the sorts of names other people are using and then find something that will make yours stand out, or consider incorporating your own name into it – this will make it easier for your friends and family to vote for you in any competitions you enter because you won’t need to explain which one you are!

What advice do you have for those thinking a pinup name isn’t for them?

Good. Hold onto that, and don’t let people make you feel like you can’t be a pinup without a stage name. It’s not compulsory AT ALL, and I honestly don’t think people need a pinup persona unless they are regularly modelling / performing, but I can understand the allure so no judgement here. Just do what you think is best for you. ❤

And that’s us for now! Thanks again to the lovely Miss Foxy Locks, Xamia Arc, Ms Cherry Von Sprinkles and Fran Robertson for lending their words of wisdom to my blog. Later in the week we’ll hear from Miss Mabel May, Miss Jessica Mae, Kaye Clyne (owner of Kabella Baby) and more on my own thoughts on the matter!

So what do you think? Do you have a pinup name? How did you go about selecting yours? Or deciding it wasn’t for you? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,
Mrs Greatnews xx


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