Interview with a Pinup Husband

Occasionally I’m asked what my husband thinks about my pinup lifestyle, so I thought I’d ask him myself! Please welcome back to the blog, Haydn, my lovely husband, who puts up with (and occasionally enjoys) my pinup lifestyle. You may remember him from Blogmas – Interview with a Grinch.


Us at the Trentham American Vehicle Day earlier this year.

How do you feel about pinup fashion?

I think it’s neat. It’s very different from most other things you see around. From what I can tell a lot of people who dressed “alternatively” a few years ago are now into pinup fashion which is pretty cool.

What’s the best part about me dressing pinup?

Your enthusiasm for it and how excited you are about it. I love seeing you so engaged and involved with something and wanting to do more in the culture and be more.

What’s the worst part?

The wardrobe and the washing. Having to wash the dresses by themselves and all having to be line dried. And the wardrobe is too full. You took away my only place to store things if I didn’t know where to put them!


First selfie as a married couple. ❤

Witnessing my own pinup transformation, do you have any advice for new pinups?

Start cheap and learn your size. When you first started, you ended up returning so much stuff because the sizing was weird between brands.

Is there any part of the pinup culture or community that just confuses you?

The class war between the true vintage and the repro vintage people is weird. I get where they’re coming from (kind of), but it’s still weird.

Do you have a favourite outfit of mine or a preferred style of dress?

I’ve always preferred jeans and a t-shirt on you just in general, so if I had to pick an outfit for you, I’d go with a pair of jeans and a peasant top.


What Mr Greatnews likes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If there was one thing you could change about my wardrobe, what would it be?

That it took up less space.

Do you have any advice for other pinup husbands/wives/partners?

Be supportive. Don’t be a dick. It makes them happy, so just go with it. Is she spending your money? No? Then you don’t get to comment on it. And even if she is, don’t be mean about it. She’s doing it for herself, not for you.

And just give up on the wardrobe. That’s her domain now. You’ll never get it back.

And there you have it! For fun, try asking your partner some of these questions and let me know what they say in the comments. ❤

Lots of love,
Mrs (& Mr) Greatnews xx


5 thoughts on “Interview with a Pinup Husband

  1. planetbakelife says:

    Hayden made me laugh several times. Give up on the wardrobe it’s hers haha!! What a cool little insight into the SO’s feelings on the matter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. funkysquishydonut says:

    “Don’t be a dick” is great advice for husbands in general. I think it’s awesome that Haydn is so supportive. He’s a good egg 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • funkysquishydonut says:

        I feel the same about The Crow. He’s been putting up with constant disarray due to my painting project as well as me constantly being in a show since February and he’s been nothing but encouraging. I think I’ll keep him around.


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