Tutorial: The Roller Brush-out

Hello again my lovelies! We’re back with part two of how to wet-set your hair, the brush out. If you missed the first part, head over here and come back once you’ve finished it!

Awayyyyy we go.

What you’ll need:

For this post, all you need is:

  • A flat brush for brushing out
  • A rat-tail comb/teasing comb for teasing
  • Hairspray

roll out 2

Ideally you want at least three hours for your wet-set. If anything, I’d recommend about five to eight hours, but for this blog post I’m working with three hours because of what I had going on that day.

roll out 3roll out 4

Step 1:

Take out the rollers on the sides and back of your hair. We’re leaving the top for now.

roll out 5roll out 6

Step 2:

Run your fingers through your curls. This helps create volume. Don’t worry, we’ll smooth them out in a second.

Step 3:

What you want to do is brush it out in sections. You want to smooth by running your hand both ahead and behind your brush, if that makes sense? You’re using your hair brush and your hand to smooth and direct your curls. For my everyday look I like to have some nice big Hollywood-esque up curls  at the ends of my hair. Unfortunately I would prefer my curls to be a little tighter in these photos, but that would come from having left my curls in a little longer.

Let’s move on to the top section!

roll out 11.jpg

Step 4:

Take out the curlers in the top section of your hair.

roll out 12.jpg

Step 5:

Optional: Run your fingers through these curls like you did in step 2.

roll out 13.jpg

Step 6:

Smooth these curls. Take your brush and brush the curls in the direction you want them to sit. Simultaneously, use your hand to smooth and direct these curls.

roll out 14

Now if you want to finish here, you can. But if you want to add volume and a Marilyn swoop, then keep reading. We’re going to tease this section.

Step 7:

Take the back section of your top section (this is getting convoluted, I apologise) and spray.

roll out 17roll out 18

Step 8:

TEASE. Do not be afraid of teasing your hair. I know so many new pinups who are afraid of teasing, but it’s essential if you plan on learning to do more with your hair. How you tease is: you pull the comb towards your head to create a little nest, move the comb up a little to an un-teased section and repeat. Don’t push and pull the comb up and down, because you’ll make a little nest and then undo part of it, which is no help, plus I’ve found that gets hard to brush out. Extra handy tip, tease on the opposite side of the hair you know you want to face outwards – you want to hide your teasing as best you can as it’s just naturally messy looking.

In terms of height, the higher the better. The lovely Fran of The Beauty School Dropouts once told me that if your hair isn’t standing upright on its own, you haven’t teased it properly. You can spray this section for extra hold, but I like to shape it after this, so spraying it might leave it too stiff depending on your hair and hairspray.

roll out 19roll out 20

Step 9:

a.k.a. The Cindy Lou Who stage. Tease the remaining one to two sections of your hair. I  tease these sections to sit a little lower compared to the back section to help with the smoothing out stage. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might’ve seen this stage a couple of times already. By the way, follow me on Twitter and Instagram. 😉

roll out 21

roll out 22

Step 10:

Smooth this section together! I wish I had better photos of how to do this, so I do apologise. Take the three sections and smooth together with your brush so that they become one big swoop. Use your hand and brush to shape the curl forward, giving you a Marilyn-esque swoop and curl.

And you’re done! Spray your hair all over for hold.

roll out 23roll out 24

And we’re done! This is basically my everyday pinup hair look. Occasionally the curls at the bottom will be tighter or messier, or instead of a Marilyn swoop I’ll do a roll of some kind, but you get the general gist.

If you’d like, I’ve been considering doing a video tutorial of this to get across some of the more nitpickier aspects that are hard to communicate via still photos, so please let me know in the comments if you’d like a video version of this and the previous hair post.

Lots of love,
Mrs Greatnews xx


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