Wedding Outfit of the Day – 18 Feb 2017

Yesterday I had the joy of being a part of Simon and Pippa’s special day as they tied the knot! Yes, the very same Simon and Pippa who we got hilariously lost with looking for Christmas lights last year.

It was a beautiful day at a gorgeous venue – they were married out at Staglands at Upper Hutt – so Mr Greatnews was kind enough to get some extra photos of Simon and Pippa’s wedding day (which I won’t be sharing here) as well as some extra shots of me posing by some pretty scenery and my outfit of the day. Enjoy!


Outfit of the day

Dress – Unique Vintage
Stole – Aliexpress
Handbag – Woody Ellen from Moxie Mama Wear
Shoes – b.a.i.t. footwear
Hair flower – Rita Sue
Stockings – What Katie Did
Petticoat – Malco Modes
Lippy – Portrait Pink by Besame Cosmetics


I knew the day was going to be memorable some the moment we got off the bus. This was the first instance of an animal trying to eat my dress.


There are so many peacocks at Staglands.


One of the many animal enclosures you can enter at Staglands. Please note this bunny is not as cute as he looks.


This bunny a) was not interested in the food in my hand; b) tried to eat my dress; c) stole my fan.


Peahens are entirely underrated in the beauty department.


I didn’t know you could get fluffy chickens (#citygirl) and now I want one.


This was in a beautiful spot called the Secret Garden. I’m definitely coming back for photos here in the future.


One of my favourite shots.


“If you look the right way, you can see the whole world is a garden.”


We walked past one of the walk-through aviaries and this little kea desperately wanted me to let him nom on my fingers.


Less than five minutes later it started pouring down with rain.


A bit later into the night along the waterfall path. By this point the rain and heat had made my hair collapse, but how your hair looks doesn’t matter much when you’re having a great time.

And that’s all! Congratulations to Pippa and Simon on your marriage, it was a wonderful day and we’re so lucky to have been a part of it. We promise we’ll get you the photos (minus the ones of me just posing) very soon.

Which of the shots was your favourites? Stay tuned to the blog where in the future I’ll be talking about pinup wedding guest attire.

Lots of love,
Mrs Greatnews xx




7 thoughts on “Wedding Outfit of the Day – 18 Feb 2017

  1. terrimadden2016 says:

    You look so cute in all the pics Mrs Greatnews! 💖👗👡 what a fabulous dress on you , and a lovely handbag. I love the top right indoor where you are looking to the side. Also the bunny one and Your very pretty petticoat . Big hugs, Terri.💗


  2. terrimadden2016 says:

    Hello Mrs Greatnews, I do a dress of the week section and would love to use a photo of you in your pretty dress for my next blog. I am just asking your permission and to provide a link to this blog. Can you let Me know? hugs, Terri.💗.


  3. funkysquishydonut says:

    I love that dress! As did, apparently, all the animals! That first photo of that goose, or whatever it was, had me and The Crow in stitches! ❤


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