So This Is (February of) The New Year

Hello! How are you? We haven’t spoken in a while. Like, a month and a bit. And that’s my bad. I wanted to write a blog, I really did, but stuff just kept happening and I never really finished Blogmas, so I felt I left things awkward. But that’s totally on me. And the point is, we’re here now. We’re talking now. So now that it’s 2017 (*cough in February cough*), let’s talk 2017.

I’m not a fan of resolutions, as such. I prefer to set New Year’s goals. New Year’s guidelines. New Year’s this-is-what-I-aim-to-do-to-make-my-life-slightly-better-in-2017.

Wait, scratch that, I looked up the definition of resolution and that’s literally what it means. I think I have an aversion to the word ‘resolution’. It makes me feel like I’m going to join a gym and then not ever use my gym membership. Which I have done before, but that’s besides the point. Here we go.

1) Stop buying dresses*

Now wait a second, hear me out. *Stop buying dresses until I’ve paid off my debts.

I have a very small amount of debt that I’ve been struggling to shake off, in no small part because I haven’t really made a dedicated effort to do so. I’ve managed to pay off my student loan (yay), so if I nip these other debts in the bud, then hopefully 2017 is when I will finally get my *bleep* together financially.

2) Write more blogs

Pretty sure every  blogger says this. I’d like to write a blog at least once a week for a few different reasons, but the main two are two keep the blog going (otherwise I’ll end up with accidental hiatuses) and to practise writing.

3) Drink less caffeine

She says, contemplating her second can of V for the day.

I’ve been drinking energy drinks every day for a few years now (because coffee is bleh), and I’d really like to kick the habit this year.

4) Stick to the low-FODMAP diet (as best as I can)

My doctor recommended I go low-FODMAP for medical reasons and I’m doing okay so far, but it’s seriously restrictive. I keep slipping up. Not massively, but I imagine I’ll have more success from sticking to it than from mostly sticking to it and then eating a huge slice of cake every day.

5) Get my bullet journals set up

I have friends who swear by bullet journals and I am the kind of person where if I don’t write something down, I am definitely going to forget it. I just need to get over the hurdle of actually setting it up.


*screams forever from pressure of other people’s bullet journals*

And that’s my *shudder* resolutions for 2017. How’s your 2017 shaping up so far? What are your resolutions?

Lots of love,
Mrs Greatnews xx


One thought on “So This Is (February of) The New Year

  1. Kahurangi says:

    Hope 2016 is going great for you so far, mine’s going pretty well,; the weather we’ve had the last couple of days has been amazing 💕
    A couple of my goals are kind of similar – save money (as we want to go travelling this year; it’s going to mean restricting pit sprinting A LOT). And blogging more.
    I have a bullet journal too, seeing other people’s makes me want to rip my pages out, and/or set it on fire… it’s such a mess 😂😂
    Good luck with your ’17 goals, you got this xx

    Liked by 1 person

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