Blogmas Day 25.5 – 2 Good Things and 2 Bad Things About Blogmas

This is one of two make-up blog posts for the days I missed during Blogmas.

So I gave Blogmas a go this year and I’m not gonna like, writing a blog a day is surprisingly exhausting. I’d often get to about 5pm and be like “aw boo, I haven’t even thought about my blog post for today”. So here’s my thoughts on Blogmas and what I’d do differently next time.

The Good

1) Getting creative

It challenged my idea of what does and doesn’t make for good blog posts. The interview with a Grinch went over better than I was expecting, as did 16 unpopular Christmas opinions.

2) Writing more

I was nervous about starting a blog. Would this be a venture I gave up on pretty quickly? Would I post once and then forget about it?

The Bad

1) Lack of preparedness

I know some bloggers had their Blogmas posts all planned out, if not mostly written, by mid-November. I only decided to do Blogmas a couple of days before December, so yeah, that wasn’t me. Some days I only decided what I was going to write about at about 8:30pm and it shows in some of those posts.

2) Lack of ideas

Honestly, trying to write once a day for 25 days really tests your writing skills. While it definitely made me get creative, other days I felt like banging my head against a wall. Which is ridiculous, because it’s pressure I was putting on myself.

The Verdict

While I had some fun, I’m not sure I’d do Blogmas again. It’s a lot of work and around this time of year I’m pretty busy with work, so I’ll probably stick to a few better thought out Christmas related posts in December next year.

What about you? If you did Blogmas, how did you find it?

Lots of love,
Mrs Greatnews xx


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