Blogmas Day 24 – A Very Greatnews Christmas

Mr Greatnews and I are lucky in that both of our sets of parents live in the same city, making Christmas plans much easier to make. In previous years we’ve had pretty full-on schedules, going from breakfast with my parents, to lunch with Haydn’s parents (whether in Napier or Taupo, depending on who in my mother-in-law’s family were hosting Christmas) and then dinner at my parents. You basically had to roll us home, we were so full of rich Christmas food.

This year is much more chill, as my in-laws won’t be traveling and my Mum will be working the night shift at the hospital (thank you for all the work you do, Mum!). So without further ado, this is what a Greatnews Christmas looks like this year.

24 December

Midday-ish – Christmas lunch with the Newports, including my mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law and very soon to be sister-in-law

Evening – Casual impromptu dinner with my parents

25 December

Morning – Haydn and I exchange presents

Mid-morning – Heading round to the Newports for Christmas breakfast

Early afternoon – Food coma nap probably

Mid-afternoon – Heading to my parents to help with cooking

Evening – Christmas dinner with my Mum, Dad, older sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephew and husband

Unknown, but definitely happening at some point – Skyping my little sister in America, exchanging presents with my family

And that’s how our Christmas is looking! How’s your Christmas day schedule? Busy or fairly chill?

Lots of love (and a Merry Christmas Eve),
Mrs Greatnews xx


One thought on “Blogmas Day 24 – A Very Greatnews Christmas

  1. Georgina says:

    This is our first Christmas in our home, so we luckily have both sets of family coming over for a combined Christmas this year! Our families are coming around lunch time for a late lunch so we have just been lounging around the house eating bagels with cream cheese and salmon and drinking Bloody Mary’s!


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