Blogmas Day 19 – A Disappointing Christmas Light Hunt

Last week Mr Greatnews and I met up with our friends Pippa and Simon to go check out some Christmas lights in Lower Hutt. Driving around seeing how people decorate their houses with Christmas lights is a bit of a family tradition for us back in Napier, so I was excited to extend this tradition to Wellington.

We started with a hot chocolate at Olive on Cuba Street and when the sun had set at around 8:30pm, we headed off to the Hutt. Pippa had Googled this place that advertised itself as having the best Christmas lights in town. After about 20 minutes trying to find the place (it was a little side street in the middle of nowhere and no one in the car was terribly good at navigating), we pulled up in front of the house and… no Christmas lights. After some further investigation on this website, it turns out that that particular house hadn’t done Christmas lights since 2012. After sitting red-faced in the car while discussing with some of Pippa’s other friends who came along, we used the Wellington Live map to find some other Christmas lights nearby.

The first house was a great success. Lots of lights, cool little gadgets and a tonne of Christmas cheer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unfortunately these are all the photos we have. All of the places we went to after this had really small displays by comparison and weren’t open to the public in the same sense the first house we found was. So we drove around for a little while longer, but after the third disappointing house, we decided to call it quits and head home at about 10:30pm. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fingers crossed we have better luck for the Christmas lights when we head to Napier.

Do you check out the Christmas lights in your neighbourhood? Or do you decorate your own house?

Lots of love,
Mrs Greatnews xx


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