Blogmas Day 8 – Christmas gift ideas for pinups (stocking stuffer ideas)

The last 0f the pinup gift guides, we’re moving from the so very big presents to some very smol presents. Here’s a list of things that I would love to see in my stocking on Christmas morning.

This content is not sponsored, just things I think are lovely. And if you’re not sure the pinup in your life would love this, check first as we’re not a hive mind!


It’s just the worst when you go to put on your face for the day and realise you’re fresh out of your favourite lippy/powder/blush etc., so help out a pinup by topping up their stocking with their favourite makeup.


Besame Cosmetics Mini Lipstick Set – $67.50NZD


Besame Cosmetics Victory Red Lipstick + Pin – $65.00NZD


Besame Cosmetics Rose Rouge – $49.00NZD


I know we covered brooches in the under $50 gift guide, but who says that they can’t be stocking stuffers too?


Erstwilder – Overnight Essentials Brooch – $40.00NZD


Erstwilder – Fairest Of Them All Brooch – $40.00NZD


This nifty little gadget lets you wear your brooches without putting tiny holes in your clothes.

Erstwilder – Magnapin Brooch Magnet – $24.95NZD


Flamingo Brooch – $19.00NZD

Hair care

Much like with makeup, it’s nice to have stockpiles of all of your favourite hair things so you don’t run low over the holidays.


Sourpuss Clothing Cotton Candy Pomade (medium strength) – $35.00NZD


The Lindy Charm School Essential Setting Lotion – $35.00NZD


The Lindy Charm School Satin Sleeping Cap – $20.00NZD

Hair accessories

Because a girl can never have too many.


Nylon Hair Scarves (huge range of colours) – $20.00NZD


What Katie Did is one of the most iconic hosiery brands in pinup culture, so this Christmas, why not stock your pinup’s stockings with stockings?


What Katie Did Stockings in Champange with Red Contrast – $25.00NZD


What Katie Did Stockings in Champange with Green Contrast – $30.00NZD



Cobalt Heights Pin Up Mystery Packs – $29.00NZD

And those are my recommendations for stocking stuffer ideas! Which one would you like to see in your stocking on Christmas morning?

Lots of love,
Mrs Greatnews xx


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