Blogmas Day 7 – Christmas gift ideas for pinups (money is no object edition)

So let’s say you’re lucky enough to have someone in your life who is happy to shower you in gifts and budget is not an issue – where do you even start? I have a few ideas of where I would start if it were me. ❤

If you have the means to buy any of these things for the pinup in your life, be sure to check with them that it’s something they’d like first. Just because I’m lusting after a dress it does not mean the pinup in your life would like the same dress.


Vixen by Micheline Pitt

I’ve mentioned in a couple of previous posts that the dresses are to die for and seriously, they’re so beautiful. I’m part of the Vixen group on Facebook and this dress honestly flatters everyone.

Vixen dresses.png

Left to right:
Vixen Swing Dress in Vintage Lipstick Print – $216.01NZD (approx.)
Vixen Swing Dress in Vintage Hair and Makeup Print – $216.01NZD (approx.)

Dresses from Rita Sue

Whenever I’m in Auckland, Rita Sue is one of the first places I head to if I get a chance to go shopping. I don’t usually get a chance to walk away with a dress, but if I could, this is what I would pick!


Left to right:
Jenny Dress in Purple Orchid Print by Pinup Couture – $280.00NZD
Black Fatale Embroidered Southern Belle Pencil Dress by The Pretty Dress Company – $395.00NZD
Lydia Dress in Mary Blair Mother Child Print by Pinup Couture – $260.00NZD

Dresses from Kabella Baby

Kabella Baby is one of my favourite places to buy from online in NZ. I often pick up some Erstwilder brooches that can be a little hard to find elsewhere as well as other accessories, but their dresses are definitely to die for.

Kabella Baby dresses.png

Left to right:
Madison Pink Rose Floral on Cream – $140.00NZD
Dyann Flower Pot – $220.00NZD


The Oblong Box Shop

I love The Oblong Box Shop (they’re a great place for cheaper separates by the way), but their kitsch skirts are a little out of my price range for a day to day treat. But for Christmas…


Left to right:
Puffer Fish Novelty Print Circle Skirt – $110.00USD
Kitschy Christmas Novelty Print Circle Skirt Limited Edition – $120.00USD
Reindeer Love Holiday Novelty Print Circle Skirt Limited Edition – $120.00USD


Spectrum Collections

Not exactly pinup related, but something that’s been on my radar for a while. I haven’t personally tried their makeup brushes, but their aesthetic is to die for. I want the Glam Clam so bad.


The Glam Clam – £59.99GBP

Unique Vintage gift bundles

These appeared on here yesterday, but I had to add one more that sneaks in over the $100NZD mark.


The Watermelon Skirt Gift Bundle – $75.00USD

I own the Watermelon skirt already, so I can tell you if you get it, you will drown in compliments.

And that’s all for the money is no object edition of the Pinup Christmas Gift Guide. Which of these beauties is on your Christmas wishlist?

Lots of love,
Mrs Greatnews xx


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