Blogmas Day 6 – Christmas gift ideas for pinups ($50 – $100)

And we’re back with another Christmas gift guide for the pinup in your life, this time with a slightly higher budget. ❤

Please note that any suggestions here will not automatically be okay with the pinup or vintage lover in your life as we are not a hive mind. Consider their own personal likes and dislikes before taking my word as gospel. Also once again, this blog is not sponsored, just some lovely things I wouldn’t mind finding under my tree on Christmas morning. ❤


Lady Vintage

I’m a huge fan of Lady Vintage dresses. I discovered their brand only a few months ago, but I’m obsessed. It helps that the tea dresses are perfect for those of us who are not so tall, meaning I can buy their tea dresses and wear them straight away rather than needing them altered.


Evidently teal is on my wishlist this year.

Left to right:
Teal Clocks Madison Dress – £40.00Teal Green Butterfly Tea Dress – £50.00
Teal Cupcake Madison Dress – £40.00

With the exchange rate as it is of writing, £56 is approx. $100NZD.

Lindy Bop

Lindy Bop can be a little hit and miss sometimes, but at the prices they offer, I keep coming back. I find the Lana dresses, Audrina dresses and the Audrey dresses are usually the best bet and the prints are too cute to resist.

Lindy bop dresses.png

Left to right:
‘Lana’ Snow Fox Swing Dress – £31.00
‘Audrey’ Turquoise Cocktail Glass Print Swing Dress – £30.00‘Audrina’ Roller Skate Print Swing Dress – £29.00
‘Audrey’ Pink Rose Border Swing Dress – £30.00


Vixen by Micheline Pitt

A drool-worthy collection by one of the most beautiful pinups in the game, I basically want everything that Micheline Pitt has designed. The skirts and dresses are a little too pricey for this particular gift guide, but some of the tops fit the bill!

Vixen tops.png

Left to right:
Powder Puff Top in Pink – $69.12NZD (approx.)
Bad Girl Top – $60.48NZD (approx.)

Damsel Duds

Another in the list of things to buy, Damsel Duds do the cutest pop culture inspired everyday cosplay skirts.

Damsel duds.png

Left to right:
Frozen inspired skirt – $60.48NZD (approx.)
The Little Mermaid inspired skirt – $60.48NZD (approx.)
House Pride Hufflepuff inspired skirt – $60.48NZD (approx.)


Unique Vintage gift bundles

Released yesterday in time for the holiday season, the Unique Vintage gift bundles all have a little something plus a $25 Unique Vintage gift voucher.

Unique Vintage gift bundles.png

Left to right:
The Accessory Gift Bundle – $25.00USD
The Happiest Pin On Earth Gift Bundle – $35.00USD
The LBD Gift Bundle – $50.00USD

And if all else fails…

Gift vouchers never go amiss. x

So what do you think? Are any of these things on your pinup wishlist this year?

Lots of love,
Mrs Greatnews xx


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