Blogmas Day 2 – 5 Tips for Preparing for Christmas


Uly checking out the #NZSecretSanta mascot, Kiri.

With 23 sleeps until Christmas, this jolly holiday has snuck up on a lot of us very quickly! I have a few tips and tricks that help me keep Christmas under control every year that I want to share, because sharing is caring. ❤

1. Set aside money every payday

This isn’t very applicable for this Christmas, but it could be helpful for next year! Plus it doesn’t even have to just be for Christmas. If you have a big immediate family like I do, there’s at least one birthday (or general gift giving day) a month and it can often catch you by surprise.

What we do in our house is set aside money each payday to a dedicated gifts account. That way when someone’s birthday or Christmas sneaks up, we’re covered (provided we spend within budget).

2. Difficult to buy for relative? Facebook is your friend

If you have that relative that’s always saying “Oh I don’t know, just whatever” when you ask them what you want for Christmas (and you often feel like screaming at them), then research them on Facebook.

I’m not just talking about scrolling through their page looking for memes or competition shares. Go to their profile and see if they’ve liked any businesses, movies, bands or TV shows. Websites like Amazon and Mighty Ape are your friend and can help you find some amazing presents you couldn’t get a hold of otherwise.

3. Start buying early

I know this can be easier said than done, but it relates back to tip number one. If you start buying and preparing earlier than December, then you’ll save yourself a whole bunch of stress and chaos trying to fight the crowds. I started my shopping a while ago and now I only have the husband to buy for. Most of the presents are even already wrapped!

This way I have more time for things like gingerbread houses, decorating my tree and other Christmas essentials.

4. Too many people to buy for? Consider a family Secret  Santa or Secret Santa Steal arrangement

If you have a lot of family, Christmas is pretty stressful and painful on the wallet. But if most of the family are adults, you could potentially get away with not buying as many presents if you talk to your family to do a Secret Santa or a Secret Santa Steal.

That way you can put a lot of thought and effort into one awesome gift for a family member or one gift everyone will want during the Secret Santa Steal. Have a chat with your family and see if they’d be open to this idea if they haven’t done much preparation for Christmas yet.

5. If all else fails, homemade is always an option

When the husband and I were saving for the wedding, the budget was tight and I couldn’t go as overboard as I usually like to go on Christmas. So instead of buying presents, we put together little homemade care packages.

They had sugar cookies, homemade marshmallows and Christmas bark. I wanted to make flavoured salts as well (perfect for barbecues!), but in my only attempt, I managed to burn the bacon so I didn’t really try again. But it’s okay, because the other treats were a hit. ❤

And that’s all from me on tips on how to prepare for Christmas! Not all of them are applicable right now, but I hope they’re at least a tiny bit helpful!

Lots of love,
Mrs Greatnews xx

What are your tips for preparing for Christmas? How prepared do you feel for this Christmas? 


2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 2 – 5 Tips for Preparing for Christmas

  1. terrimadden2016 says:

    Hi Mrs Greatnews, the saving for Christmas is something I need to get proactive at , I will check social media for my family and friend likes, It is hard to buy for mine too! I love ethat you have most of presents and wrapping done, I am close but want to be finished! Our family do a secret Santa . Thank you for the tips, appreciate them:) I prepare by taking it a day at a time and scheduling on weekends what shopping or events I need to take care of. Being a working Girl and 4 kids it is hard during week to get stuff done. Have a great rest of your weekend Dear, Huggs Terri, xoxo


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